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THE COMMUTER (L’uomo sul treno) di Jaume Collet-Serra

Uno straordinario Liam Neeson in un vero action movie: un giallo di quelli intelligenti che tengono viva l’attenzione e alto il livello di ansia, un film ben diretto e interpretato che vale la pena vedere. La domanda è ‘che tipo di persona sei tu?’. Se ti dicessero di fare una piccola cosa senza effetto per te, ma con enormi conseguenze su qualcun altro, e che mai impatterebbe su te, la tua famiglia, la tua vita, pagandoti 100.000 dollari in contanti, la faresti…quella ‘cosetta’? Il protagonista, Michael, è una gran brava persona dedita alla famiglia, al punto da lasciare l’amato lavoro e la promettente carriera in polizia e a fare un trasloco che lo costringerà a recarsi al lavoro, quello nuovo di venditore di pacchetti assicurativi, ogni giorno in treno, del quale diventa quindi assiduo frequentatore, ossia un pendolare. Un giorno Michael viene licenziato senza ragione, dopo 10 anni di resa eccellente e rispetto rigoroso della disciplina sul lavoro. Affranto si incontra a un bar con un vecchio collega di polizia che lo ha cercato e gli racconta affranto il suo dramma. C’è il treno da prendere per tornare a casa e parlare con la moglie, cosa che lo distrugge anche più del fatto stesso, così lascia il bar e corre alla stazione, dove viene derubato del suo telefonino. A Michael sembra la sua giornata peggiore sul solito treno di pendolari, che ormai conosce, e viaggiatori occasionali. Ma il peggio deve ancora arrivare e avrà la parvenza di una donna bionda che sedendosi di fronte a lui gli porrà delle domande particolari ma apparentemente innocue, domande che definirà solo ipotetiche. Voto: 9.

Trailer italiano L’uomo sul treno


A remarkable Liam Neeson in a real action movie: a smart thriller screenplay that keeps the audience revited and and the anxiety levels high, a well directed and interpreted film that it’s worth seeing. The question is ‘what kind of person are you?’. if they told you to do a small thing with no effect on you, though with enormous consequences on someone else, which would never impact on you, your family, your life, under a payment of 100.000 dollars cash, would you do it…that ‘small thing’? The protagonist, Michael, is a good person completely dedicated to his family, at the point of having left his beloved job and promising career for the police and moved, for which reason he needs to take a train every day to reach his new job as an insurance packages seller: 10 years of his new life already passed by. Michael is therefore a commuter and he actually knows many of the travellers on the same train. One day he gets laid off with no reason, after performing excellently for 10 years and being professionally disciplined. The same day before catching the usual train back to home he is invited by an ex police colleague to catch up in a bar where Michael tells him his drama. Then he runs to the railway station where someone robs him of his mobile. He hasn’t spoken to his wife yet and that’s even more lousy that the fact itself. The current day seems to Michael as his worst ever on his usual train of commuters he knows and occasional passengers. But the worst is yet to come in the guise of a blonde woman who suddenly sits in front of Michael and asks him some particular questions, apparently harmless ones, hypothetical ones. I rate this movie: 9.

Trailer in v.o. The commuter

the weekly theme

Facts and substance despite words and a first glance

“Gran Torino” the 2008 movie which I’m inspired by for this new weekly theme, directed and mainly interpreted by a great actor whom everybody likes: Clint Eastwood in the role of a Polish veteran and widower back from the war in Corea, who loves and misses his wife so much and on the contrary is hardened toward any other human being. One thing only succeeds in softening tough Walt Kowalski, one thing he addresses all his affection to, though the war experience. Continue reading “Facts and substance despite words and a first glance”

the weekly theme

Our inner demons never stop not even when we are winners for the outside world

Our inner demons never stop not even when we are winners for the outside world. It’s BIRDMAN theme, an awesome film directed by an excellent Alejandro González Iñárritu in 2015, when 4 Oscars were given to it: best film, direction, photografy, original screenplay. The plot is about Riggan Thomson, a celebrity now fallen, an actor who desperately tries to distance himself from the same superhero that did make him so famous. 
Continue reading “Our inner demons never stop not even when we are winners for the outside world”

the weekly theme

The illusionary affections, the familial too sometimes

The illusionary affections, the familial too sometimes. It’s the theme of the movie I saw lately and frankly didn’t hit me neither for its profundity, nor for script, direction, how the story and characters were artistically rendered, not even for the humour because the lines often sounded banal and the acting was kept on the surface.. Continue reading “The illusionary affections, the familial too sometimes”

the weekly theme

To be born with a life-lasting desire and mission

To be born with a life-lasting desire and mission. Talking here of unique Valentino, the worldly known haute-couture designer from Italy who is now 86 years old. He celebrated his 45 years of hard work and career in 2007 during the month of July, after which our greatest female dresses maker gradually gave up his power and role within the company group. Continue reading “To be born with a life-lasting desire and mission”

the weekly theme

The male way of conceiving women (still today) and overall the affective aridity toward them, the envy at work and the contempt for any outcast

The male way of conceiving women (still today) and overall the affective aridity toward them, the envy at work and the contempt for any outcast: all these are many topics dealt with in a sole movie. I’m talking of the masterpiece called like the book it’s  based on: AMERICAN PSYCHO, directed by Mary Harron ed interpreted, among others, by two extremely good Willem Dafoe and, especially, Christian Bale, who succeeds in sending to the audience a sense of absolute awful anxiety, pure terror. Continue reading “The male way of conceiving women (still today) and overall the affective aridity toward them, the envy at work and the contempt for any outcast”

the weekly theme

The Regret

The RegretWe should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” This is what the most beautiful woman in the world, the absolute myth of kennedyenne America, the ultimate Star, Marylin Monroe, seems to have expressed on the right modus vivendi. How many times you fear that what you did or did not, which is even worse, was not sufficient to reach a certain result you aimed at Continue reading “The Regret”

the weekly theme

Our belief against everyone

Our belief against everyoneSometimes we are persuaded of an idea, a project, a person, or rather a fact, a place, or even ..of ourselves and the outside world, or a part of it that’s particularly near us, sends to us as a response a whole negation with an attached attempt to convince us that what we think and declaim is unfounded, thus talking of our Belief – if we can call it this way also when there’s no religious dimension and it is not a grandiose matter. Continue reading “Our belief against everyone”

the weekly theme


Gossip. “Did you gut the pillow with a knife?’ he says. ‘Yes, Father.’ ‘And what were the results?’ ‘Feathers,’ she said. ‘Feathers?’ he repeated. ‘Feathers; everywhere, Father.’ ‘Now I want you to go back and gather up every last feather that flew out onto the wind,’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘it can’t be done. I don’t know where they went. The wind took them all over.’ ‘And that,’ said Father O’ Rourke, ‘is gossip!“. This part of the quote is to be found in Father Flynn speech in the movie DOUBT, based on the theater play written by John Patrick Shanley Continue reading “Gossip”

the weekly theme

To be blonde in a world of prejudices

To be blonde in a world of prejudices, that is to say how to face the stiff framework of blondes as brainless strumps whom, as per a famous movie, ‘men prefer but don’t marry’ and other women emulate .. at the hairdresser’s. Of course I am sensitive to the matter and, except those international cinema stars whose label of giddy sensuality has always been their hair – first of all the goddess Marylin who in fact was born brunette, there are the common people who act like a reminder, especially when, driven by affection, they use ‘blonde’ to call me as if it was my name, like a proper name. And I wish to remember the amazing BARBIE, Continue reading “To be blonde in a world of prejudices”