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Our belief against everyone

Our belief against everyoneSometimes we are persuaded of an idea, a project, a person, or rather a fact, a place, or even ..of ourselves and the outside world, or a part of it that’s particularly near us, sends to us as a response a whole negation with an attached attempt to convince us that what we think and declaim is unfounded, thus talking of our Belief – if we can call it this way also when there’s no religious dimension and it is not a grandiose matter. When this happens, we must have inside of us a strength superior to our ‘normal’ one, we must get prepared to feel lonelier than usual, be aware of the fights we gonna engage and the defensive actions we gonna carry out to protect us from any attack and exclusion sustained by the mass thought, being unfortunately opposite to ours. Depending on the matter of concern – that is what we use any means for to be heard or to stand up, at the expense too of our reputation and psycho-emotional well-being  – and therefore on its objective and subjective importance, universally and/or for us, the situation we gonna live will be more or less long, hard, tough, acceptable, tolerable, discriminant and incisive. The film inspiring me this theme is CHANGELING, with an intense and more than ever amazing Angelina Jolie int he guise of a really existed woman who worked as a chief-dispatcher in Los Angeles during 1920s and was the protagonist of an almost incredible personal tragedy: she was given back a 9 year old child, after the police investigation division had looked for her gone son without in fact finding little Walter but rather a substitute whom they trained to say to the world he was Walter. Christine Collins saw her real son in March 1928 for the last time and her whole life changed radically catapulting her into a never-ending fight against the institutions and the whole society. Unfortunately, Walter – as per the movie shows too, being directed by great Clint Eastwood, who won at the 61ºCannes Festival in 2008, where ‘Changeling’ was in the film competition, a special Prize – had ended uo in the hands of the kids serial killer Gordon Northcott. The pain suffered by Miss Collins, abandoned not believed and considered to be crazy – because of her unfair sending to a madhouse by the same policemen who made that terrible mistaken identity but felt derided by Christine when she officially denied the boy to be her son and therefore questioned them as skilled investigators – was borderline psycho-emotionally but nevertheless she stood for it thanks to a ray of vital hope: having her beloved kid back. What in reality happened was that a lucky boy who escaped the mentioned murderer said he had known Walter and that he had also run away from the assassin but didn’t know where to.. Without living the Christine Collins case sufferings and injustice, how many times each of us needs to fight in the name of what he/she wishes and believes in, no matter what and, as previously said, not being supported by anyone, whilst the only way out as an alternative is to give up and how many times, instead, there are people who would rather surrender, which makes us condemn them when they do it? Well, where does true happiness lie?

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