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The (universal) Loneliness,

The (universal) Loneliness, that pushes every individual to treat it and to react to it in  completely different and unpredictable ways, which sometimes, as it often happens with reference to (others!) tragic situations, sound highly comical too. All this takes me to the hilarious play written by popular (particularly in USA) Christopher Durang, the author of Beyond Therapy, entitled ‘VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE‘. Durang makes us bend over with laughter thanks to his accurate description, in this play, of the characters, full of fixations and tics but also so real now and again, and to lines that would help any unconfident actor to amuse the audience. As an actress, I’m working together with a team of other 5 actors lead by a super-skilled coach/director in order to stage this play in the next season, which is almost upon us. Masha is ‘my’ character, she’s much older than me and a successful actress..but her success is not really to boast of and very far from her beloved classical theater, which the woman gave up in the name of a hope to make it. That’s why she acted in ‘Sexy killer’ number 1,2,3,4,5. Masha got married (and divorced) 5 times and is now emotionally involved with toy-boy Spike, but he doesn’t seem to be the key of her happiness either, as it comes out from an exchange between Masha and her brother Vanya, sounding her solitude and fear of time passing by very different, that is to say her voice changes from the beginning affected manner of speaking to a deep and low one. All the characters here are sadistically funny, if looked at from the outside, and woefully afflicted, if seen with more empathy. And we all recognize something in them that belongs to us: on a specific aspect we might not laugh that easily.

Play by C.Durang

just an example of this wonderful play: