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The equal consideration at work (and in life)

The equal consideration at work and in life, like in TOOTSIE, a masterpiece by S. Pollok, with a unique Dustin Hoffman and Oscar-winner Jessica Lange (best supporting actress). The movie was nominated for 6 Oscars back in 1983. This wonderful film, starting as a comedy and ending as a drama, tells us how the way you look, particularly if it means you are a man or a woman, weighs much more than anyone admits, also when you are looking for a job(!). The main character, known for his ability as an actor and for being so fussy artistically and professionally, but also for having a tough personality or better, for most people, a “temper”, therefore for not being a puppet in the hands of someone running the whole shebang called cinema, saves himself from misery and a bad name through a successful escamotage evoking the socio-sexual moral. For instance, if on one side an actress is allowed to throw a tantrum whilst the same person in his male nature is not, on the other side, Dorothy – the female character played by Michael – deals with unwanted propositions that make Michael understand the way a woman feels and push him to a more respectful approach toward women. I’ve started from the movie this time instead of using it as a conclusion, cause there are many different interesting facets to consider with relation to today week theme and, though the film was shot in the eighties, thus in a different socio-cultural reality, it makes us reflect on something which is still difficult to overcome: the sexist mentality, in life and at work. Enjoy the movie!

A hilarious scene about sexism:
Another hilarious scene about sexism: