the weekly theme

The Male Ego

Here’s the May 14/20, 2018,theme of the week:

The (male) Ego, which drives those people who are rich in it to – physical too sometimes violent – actions to win over his/her fellow men, like in the animal world, and finally win!
In our (human) species, the female prey lives under the illusion of being the unique reason, in the face of an undeniable fight among men in the name of their feeling for the contended woman, of such momentum and of what she mistakes so called healthy jealousy driven by Love. In fact, it’s pure Ego among members of the same sex, the same ego that moves two goats to fight up to the death. Voilà the main theme, not instead the exchange of couples – a totally coincidental event, of the wonderful play written by Patrick Marber called CLOSER which film adaption was directed in 2004 by Mike Nichols who wrote the script together with same Marber and lead a stellar cast: Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Judd Law e Julia Roberts.